About Us

About Us

March 18, 2019

About Us

WorkingTamil is a global online employment solution for people seeking jobs and the employers who need great people. We've been doing this for more than 20 years, and have expanded from our roots as a "job board" to a global provider of a full array of job seeking, career management, recruitment and talent management products, and services.

At the heart of our success and our future is innovation: We are changing the way people think about work, and we're helping them actively improve their lives and their workforce performance with new technology, tools and practices

A WorkingTamil purpose

Why we do what we do

At WorkingTamil, we work to bring humanity and opportunity to the job market, to enhance lives, businesses, and communities around the world.

A WorkingTamil vision

Who we want to be

WorkingTamil will be the leading global talent platform connecting jobs and people.

A WorkingTamil mission

How we deliver that vision

We create and deliver the best-recruiting media, technologies and platforms for connecting jobs and people; we strive every day to help our customers hire and help people find jobs.

Why WorkingTamil?

WorkingTamil with its cutting edge technology provides relevant profiles to employers and relevant jobs to job seekers across industry verticals, experience levels, and geographies.

We help employers find not only the best quality candidates but more of them. To streamline the process so you can save time and money. And to help you make smarter decisions to improve your ROI. Basically, we want to give you the ability to hire like no one else can.


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